Camp Kita is a week-long summer camp program open to children ages 8-17 who are survivors of a loved one's suicide.

 Camp Kita was established in 2013 by the Mosher siblings, many years after losing their father to suicide. Camp Kita offers a balance of traditional camp activities - cabins, canoes, campfires and fun - with support sessions aimed to connect, learn, talk about being a suicide survivor and process grief as a community with professional facilitators and the Mosher siblings as adult role models. 

Through diligent fundraising and generous, enthusiastic supporters, we are able to offer our grief support program free of charge


Provide a safe, constant environment for young survivors of suicide, by giving direction through common interests, activities and grief management. 


Provide a safe, nurturing environment where child survivors can connect with one another while learning constructive ways to deal with the often unspeakable and fierce emotion of losing a loved one to suicide.  By creating a space for child survivors, we effectively ease the stigma around what it means to have lost a someone to suicide.  The campers’ shared loss and experience afford them the opportunity of forming deep, knowing bonds with others and thereby forging supportive connections that we hope will last a lifetime.  As a community of survivors, our week-long focus will be to provide and explore constructive forms of self-expression.  We will practice self-awareness as a way of identifying feelings and communicating them in a focused way.  Our focus on grief—on shattering apart—will dovetail with an equally significant focus on hope—the power and purpose of piecing oneself together.  Most importantly, we will empower campers to utilize the tools and resources we provide so that they may draw upon them throughout their lives.


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The Boston Marathon is a day of immense significance for the city of Boston and its something Camp Kita is incredibly honored to be a part of as a John Hancock non-profit partner. Camp Kita was created in 2013 by the Mosher siblings as a response to their father’s suicide. Being a young organization with limited resources, the Boston Marathon has proven to be imperative to our program and our most successful fundraiser. The bibs that John Hancock gifted us last year directly funded our summer camp experience for Camp Kita’s young suicide survivors. Last year, our amazing runners raised close to $50,000 for our program. (well above their fundraising goal!) Their efforts throughout the year allowed Camp Kita to achieve our mission, and ultimately lead to a very successful summer session. We are very proud to say that because of the generosity of donors, volunteers, and the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program, we can offer our program free-of-charge for all of our campers. We could not be more thrilled and appreciative of the support from John Hancock. In the coming 2017 marathon year, Camp Kita has four marathon bibs available. We are so excited to be able to extend the opportunity to four dedicated and enthusiastic athletes to join our Camp Kita team—Let’s Reach Our Goals Together!


Don't see yourself running the marathon this year? There are lots of ways that you can help! Our runners take on a HUGE challenge raising the necessary funding for their bibs, any help with donations towards their individual goals would be greatly appreciated. Sharing our story and the story of our runners can be as important as a good donation, help expand our reach by sharing Camp Kita with your friends on social networking.


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